Kellogg's Teams With Brewery To Use Leftover Cornflakes To Make Beer

Kellogg's has an innovative idea to use up leftover cornflakes: Turn them into an IPA. According to Drinks Business, reports that the cereal giant has partnered with Seven Bro7hers, a craft brewery based in Salford, Manchester, England, to swap out "around 30 percent of the usual mash bill for cornflakes" that were too big, small, or overcooked to make it through quality control to a Kellogg's Cornflakes box. The resulting beer will be called (unappetizingly) Throw Away IPA.

DB notes that Kellogg's has already eliminated 12.5 percent of its food waste across U.K. sites this year. Corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg's UK, Kate Prince, explains: "Kellogg's is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier." Food & Wine reports that 130 pounds of corn flakes will be used per batch for the 5-percent ABV craft beer, to be available sold in cans and on draft.

Takeout beer expert Kate Bernot points out that this innovation is not exactly unprecedented: Other breweries have gone to the breakfast cereal well before, resulting in breakfasty creations like Somerville's Belgian tripel with Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries. Kellogg's and Seven Bro7hers has the added bonus of helping to eliminate food waste, as well as a small donation (10p, or about 14 cents) from each can purchased that "will be donated to food distribution charity FareShare." So benevolent English beer drinkers can look forward to to this charity- and environmentally-minded beer—as long as they can get past the name.