Joy To The World, The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar Is Coming To The U.S.

We spend a fair amount of ink 'round these parts daydreaming about the apparent wonders of Aldi U.K. There's affordable, award-winning whiskey! Color-changing gin! Booze delivery! Wine! Among its many far-away pleasures is its Wine Advent Calendar, but god bless us, every one, for that particular treat is now headed to our shores.

Tasting Table reports that Aldi will be releasing the Wine Advent Calendar in the U.S. beginning with this holiday season—and it's also debuting a perfect accessory advent calendar for that advent calendar. The Wine Advent Calendar and Cheese Advent Calendar (cheese!) both launch on November 7. As with chocolate advent calendars, each has 24 little doors that hide a little treat, and one is meant to open one door on each of the days in December leading up to the 24th.

The wine calendar clocks in at $70, which seems not unreasonable for 24 mini wine bottles. The cheese calendar is $13, and frankly that seems like a reasonable price for the novelty alone. Per Tasting Table, the wine calendar sold out in a real damn hurry, so you might want to set a calendar alert and head on down to your local Aldi for wine and cheese in silly gift form bright and early that November morn.