Jeff Bezos Installs In-Home Soft Serve Machine, One More Thing The Rest Of Us Will Never Have

One of the richest people on Earth finally found a way to make us jealous.

Jeff Bezos, whose life seems like it resembles comic book supervillain Lex Luthor's more every day, can do whatever he wants, all the time. Does he feel like going to space? Okay! He can just do that. How about dropping a cool $100 million to a worthy cause? That's pocket change for him. What a world we live in.

And so, it should come as no surprise that Bezos can install whatever food devices he wants in his kitchen. In this case, The New York Post has revealed he is a fan of soft serve ice cream. In fact, Jeff Bezos loves it so much that he's installed a fancy soft serve ice cream machine at one of his own homes. Homes. The plural version of "home."

Bezos' ice cream machine of choice is by a company called CVT Soft Serve. It's named the CVTeeny and is shaped like a small ice cream truck, which sounds awesome. It serves three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and a chocolate-vanilla twist. Bezos is the first customer to have one installed in his home. That's a billionaire flex for you.

CVT Soft Serve is clearly delighted, because the company has posted about it a bunch on Instagram. Bezos has not one, but three houses in Beverly Hills alone, and considering CVT Soft Serve is based in Los Angeles, it's likely to be some big-ass mansion around there.

CVT was started in 2014 when founder Joe Nicchi realized soft serve was a rarity on the West coast, and he co-founded the company with his wife, Tyler. Admittedly, soft serve rules, and if I could get it on tap in my own kitchen I'm sure I would do so, though I don't think I'd be able to eat enough to go through a whole machine's worth. Does soft serve mix go bad after a while? Honestly, I think my billions of dollars would be better spent on an enormous ball pit the size of a swimming pool, but hey, ice cream is good too.