Alert! Alert! There's A Hot Pockets Recall!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Hot Pockets fans, but I have some unfortunate information for you: There's a recall. Specifically on the pepperoni, which may have bits of glass and plastic in it.

The lot that's being recalled is EST. 7721A with a production date between November 13 through November 16; that info is below the FDA label. If your Hot Pockets answer to that description, you're going to either want to toss or return them. The issue was discovered when four complaints were lodged with the company (and one person experienced a minor oral injury, ouch). Thanks to BestLife for the intel.


But it occurred to me: I don't actually know what to do if my food has been recalled, since it's never actually happened to me (or I never caught it, let's be honest). So what the hell are you supposed to do? According to, a U.S. government website, the process is simple. First of all, don't panic. Food is often recalled due to a precautionary measure, so it's not 100% likely that your Hot Pocket's going to yield a mouthful of plastic fragments. Second, just... don't eat it. And don't be an asshole and give it away to someone for free, either, or feed it to your dog. To be safe, don't even open it.

And finally, if you've verified that your product has indeed been recalled, the manufacturer will give instructions on what should happen next, like if you're supposed to return the item, or simply dispose of it. If you're going to dispose of the recalled item, then make sure it's in a manner in which people or animals can't get into it.


And now you know. So as hungry as you are, my munchie fiend, just double check your Hot Pocket before you burn the shit out of your mouth with it.