Norwegian Teen Eats Pet Horse, Says It Was Delicious

If your pet horse dies, is there any reason you shouldn't eat it? Norwegian teenager and aspiring chef Pia Olden doesn't think so. After her stallion Drifting Speed passed away from illness last year, her family butchered him into filets and stored them in a deep freezer on their rural farm. Last Friday she posted a photo of her most recent creation—medium rare horse with chili and mango — to her private Facebook page. And, because internet's gonna internet, she was quickly inundated with death threats, per The Daily Mail and people who can translate Norwegian.

Olden believes she did nothing wrong, saying that because she was raised on a farm, she has a different understanding of our human relationship with animals. She also believes that eating Drifting Stallion was best way to honor him, telling Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: "It's not better for the meat to be buried and eaten by the worms." She also claims the meat was the best she's ever tasted, quite possibly because the secret ingredient was love.

In a world that is focusing on sustainability issues far later than it should have, is there truly anything wrong with eating horse meat? After all, if the Olden family didn't eat Drifting Stallion's perfectly good corpse, they just would have killed another animal for dinner. Horses aren't stupid, but they're not as smart as pigs, which are both intelligent and delicious.

Perhaps the outrage stems from Norwegians inherent love of horses, as seen below: