Behold, A Compendium Of Fast Food Breakfast Hours

You can still get breakfast all day at certain chains.

Remember that woman who called the cops after narrowly missing the McDonald's breakfast cutoff? That woman made a bad choice. Don't be like her. Instead, arm yourself with the gift of knowledge—fast food breakfast knowledge, that is. We've rounded up a compendium of fast food breakfast hours to ensure that you can wakey, wakey, eggs and drive-thru bakey, without fail. As always, we'll update this list if the fast food breakfast situation evolves.

Burger King

You can get your Croissan'wich on until 10:30 a.m. at most BK locations.


Pete Buttigieg has not yet fulfilled his promise to broker peace between LGBTQ groups and Chick-fil-A. With that in mind, if you still want to purchase Chick-fil-A breakfast, you can do so until 10:30 a.m.



Dunkin's whole thing is all day breakfast. Beyond breakfast sandwich? All day. Novelty doughnut flavors? All day (while supplies last). Get in there.


Hashbrown controversies aside, Hardee's has a robust breakfast menu served until 10:30 a.m.

Jack in the Box

The notorious weirdos at Jack in the Box serve breakfast all day long. The chain's website reads: "As long as our stores are open, we're serving our entire menu."


You can get some breakfast items all day at McDonald's. Some. If you've been paying attention, you know that the McDonald's all-day breakfast menu hasn't been the same since March 2020, when the chain decided to end breakfast service at 11 a.m. to streamline kitchen operations during the pandemic. Since then, McDonald's has reintroduced all-day breakfast in the form of so-so breakfast pastries. The hot sandwiches and other breakfast faves are only served until roughly 11 a.m.


Sonic Drive-In

While some Sonic locations' hours vary—some are open 24 hours; others aren't—they all serve breakfast all day long, as reported in this mysteriously titled Mashed article.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell re-lauched its breakfast menu earlier this year, complete with faves like the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito, made with eggs, nacho cheese sauce and sausage. The menu is available until 11 a.m. at most Taco Bell locations.



Wendy's breakfast launched last year with highlights including the Breakfast Baconator and a Frostyccino. But what are Wendy's breakfast hours? The chain's website reads: "It depends on the particular Wendy's location you are ordering from. Most Wendy's start serving breakfast at 6:30 a.m. The latest is 10:30 a.m. and delivery for most begins at 8:00 a.m. local time. So, you see, it depends, but, yes, there is a cut-off time. Check your local Wendy's for breakfast hours." Thanks for nothing, Wendy's!