Last Call: What's Your Favorite Escaped Animal Story?

Late yesterday afternoon all work in various Takeout offices ground to a halt after Allison alerted us that a bull had escaped a trailer and was on the loose in Baltimore. WBAL-TV sent out its helicopter to provide live streaming footage of the bull standing in a field on the Coppin State University campus as police officers and employees of the Maryland Zoo attempted to shoot him with tranquilizer darts. But the bull stood strong and unbowed. It was mesmerizing. An excerpt from our Slack conversation:

Allison Robicelli: If the bull is smart enough to escape he deserves his freedom. This does not look like a stupid bull. I'm happy they brought in that van full of zoo people.

he's moving!

Somebody with a cattle trailer showed up, got out of the truck and called the bull over.

Maybe a bull whisperer

Aimee Levitt: oh no! he's walking into a trap!

Allison: I don't know why everyone is so scared of the bull. How do farm people deal with bulls? They should talk to them.

Aimee: the world is a hard place for bulls

Allison: Oh my god they lost the bull


Aimee: that was my question

Kate Bernot: amateurs!

Allison: They found the bull. It passed out on a nearby block.

Aimee: poor bull

at least he's alive

Kate: i'm so emotionally invested now

The bull was eventually revived and taken to the zoo for observation. We're hoping he has a good life after this.

But the incident also prompted us to reminisce about our own favorite escaped animal stories: the Great Phoenix Llama Escape of 2015, the Quiznos Coyote of downtown Chicago, Chance the Snapper, and more.

What are some of yours?