Paint Your Bedroom Dunkin' Pink, Because Life Is Short

When I was 10, I painted my bedroom shelves baby blue because I read that was Justin Timberlake's favorite color. This seemed like an obvious way to show my devotion, and also to gain Justin's favor if he ever found himself visiting my parents' home in southwest Missouri. Now, Dunkin' fans can express their devotion the same way with a new Dunkin' paint collection.

According to a press release sent to The Takeout, Dunkin' is collaborating with online paint retailer Backdrop to introduce the first-ever, limited-edition collection of Dunkin'-inspired paint. As of now, the collection has two options: Dunkin' Pink and Dunkin' Orange, both available in half gallons for $39 apiece on Backdrop's website.

The release explains that the brands are devoted to "bringing to life the energy and enthusiasm Dunkin's colors represent to millions of fans who rely on Dunkin' coffee, espresso, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches to keep them running." Personally, I worry about some kind of Pavlovian effect. If I work up the courage to paint my walls Dunkin' Pink, will I wake up salivating for a doughnut? If I add a Dunkin' Orange accent wall, will I ever be free from my iced coffee cravings? Finally, if I accidentally leave my can of Dunkin' paint out overnight, will I wake up to a ghostly message painted across my living room that reads "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO TO DUNKIN'"? Much to consider—if you're willing to shell out the cash for branded paint, that is.