We Have Suggestions For Disney's New Star Wars Theme Park Menu

Walt Disney World will open the Star Wars-themed Galaxy's Edge theme park this summer in California and this fall in Florida, culminating in the largest land expansion in Disney history. Our iO9 colleagues enthused after attending a press preview, "We've Been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Life Will Never Be the Same." While a lot of the park is still under construction, some nerdom holy grail attractions are already up, like a life-size model of the Millennium Falcon for the Smugglers Run ride.

Us being us, though, we're less into that and more in the food and drink that exists at the edge of the galaxy. According to the menu available at MickeyExtreme.net, there will be blue and green milk in the Black Spire outpost market. Docking Bay 7 Food And Cargo offers dijon-crusted fish "with mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa and pumpkin seeds with a creamy green curry ranch dressing." Ronto Roasters can give you a meal of Meiloorun juice, turkey jerky, and the "Ronto Wrap filled with spiced grilled sausage and roasted pork." Non-alcoholic drinks at the Ogas' Cantina include "Carbon Freeze, Ogas Obsession provision and Cliff Dweller," as well as "Moogan Tea, Blue Bantha, Bloody Rancor (contains alcohol) and the Black Spire Brew."

This all sounds very impressive (and definitely worth a future family Disney trip). But we can't help but be a bit disappointed by these food titles. The Star Wars universe is so vast at this point, the opportunity for hilarious culinary puns abound. Here are just a few that came to mind—from us to you, Disney.

  • Admiral Snackbar
  • Ham Solo
  • Chewbacon
  • Aldernaan
  • Hoth Sauce
  • Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdthemayo
  • Emperor Palpoutine
  • Boba Fettuccine
  • Figrin Newton
  • Obi Wonton
  • Feel free to utilize, oh giant House Of Mouse! You can just send any royalty checks straight to us here in case of The Takeout, Inc. You're welcome.

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