Costco's Interest In Streaming-Video Service Inspires Us To Rotisserie-Chicken-And-Chill

Costco already enriches our lives in myriad ways: Cheap hot dogs. Beer variety packs. 27-pound vats of long-lasting mac-and-cheese. Next up—streaming video?

Forbes and other outlets report the warehouse retailer is considering a foray into streaming-video à la Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, likely in conjunction with media executive Mark Greenberg. According to CNBC, Greenberg had been in talks with Walmart to develop a streaming-video service "aimed at Middle America." But when that deal fell through, Greenberg pitched a similar idea to Costco. Costco has thus far been mum on the topic.

What is Middle America in this case? Forbes sniffily refers to it as "Flyover Land," a coastless region so regressive its Cheez Whiz-licking citizens' "sensibilities" cannot appreciate "spiky shows such as Amazon's Homecoming or the burgeoning array of foreign fare on Netflix." Foreign movies? Like with subtitles? Golly, us regular folk sure wish somebody'd make a not-so-fancy TV program, like that Roseanne show we like so much. Ugh.

Condescension aside, Greenberg's instinct that Netflix and the like haven't cornered the entire American market seemed at least compelling enough to get Costco to sit down at the negotiating table. If such a streaming service does launch one day, we'll eagerly plop our bumpkin butts on the sofa we got from Sears, stuffing our face with industrial-sized Nutella and $5 chicken as we watch.