Cheerleader Tried To Win Homecoming Queen Votes With Pot Brownies, Police Allege

Voting for a high school homecoming queen is a time-honored tradition, going back decades. But a prospective candidate in Van Buren County, Michigan apparently came up with an unconventional method to try to sway votes to her side. Fox17 of West Michigan reports that the unnamed cheerleader in Hartford allegedly brought in goodie bags containing brownies laced with marijuana oil, mainly for the football players. In addition to the athletes receiving the goodie bags, "the leftovers were used to sway votes in an effort to become homecoming queen."

According to a rep from the apparently shocked Hartford Police Department (who "can't recall anything like this ever happening in their town"), the high school was tipped off through the OK2Say app, which allows information to be submitted anonymously. Of the 12 brownies reportedly brought to school, authorities have recovered three, which have been sent to a lab to be drug-tested. The cheerleader under suspicion is apparently out of town for a "family emergency."

Fox notes that distributing drugs to a drug-free zone school could constitute a felony, which seems like a high price to pay for that coveted throne in the homecoming parade. No word on current queen vote tallies, but we're guessing this cheerleader will likely be disqualified.