Cadbury Invites Aspiring Willy Wonkas To Invent A New Chocolate Bar

The Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" campaigns give away big money. So noted. Those brave or foolish enough to enter those choppy potato-chip waters could win a million bucks. That is a large sum. I acknowledge it. But the "Do Us A Flavor" also brought us the Cappuccino potato chip (fortunately it didn't make it past the finalist round). If you're into those, I am so happy for you! That's amazing, congratulations. I speak for myself and only myself when I say this: those chips are an absolute horror. They're nightmare fuel, but where the fuel itself is nightmarish. I am not into it, and thus wary of flavor-creating campaigns more broadly.

Yet I am very into Cadbury's foray into the world of "put some stuff together and see if it tastes good." The Independent reports that the chocolatier is asking the public to peruse the many flavors listed on their Cadbury Inventor site—over 90,000 combinations are possible—and select up to three. Then you name your bar and submit. The general public will vote on the top three bars, and all three finalists will be invited to Cadbury headquarters in Birmingham, England, Willy Wonka-style, where they will presumably not fall into a river of chocolate and get stuck in a tube.

All three bars will be available in stores for a limited time, while the winning bar will stay on shelves for a year. And the genius behind the winning bar will get a year's supply of the thing, which is presumably just enough to get well and truly sick of it around the time you're running out.

Before readers outside the U.K. get excited, the contest is open only to residents of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as The Republic of Ireland. So your dreams of a rose-elderflower-Pop Rocks candy bar may have to wait.

Still, Lay's, you're on notice. This sounds way better.