Beyoncé (Inadvertently) Makes Sainsbury's Employees Look Extremely On Trend

This is a big week to be Beyoncé. (Every week is a big week to be Beyoncé.) The superstar's athleisure line, Ivy Park, dropped its first collaboration with Adidas with much fanfare and praise. The maroon and orange color combination was a bold one—even a little strange to Americans. The Brits, though, apparently associate this color palate with Cadbury treats, mushy peas, and fluorescently lit aisles. For maroon and orange is the iconic color combination of Sainsbury's, a popular U.K. supermarket chain.

Let me try to translate from British into American. This would be like if Beyoncé dropped a full black and green athleisure line, making her look like a Starbucks employee. Or if it were all cherry red and khakis, like Target workers. Funny enough, Puma already made the Sainsbury employee cosplay mistake two years ago, which didn't seem to deter Ivy Park from picking this palate. Of course, getting your brand mixed up in the latest Beyoncé news is a dream come true for any social media manager. So Sainsbury's got in on the fun, tweeting, "Repping since 1969," and the #sainsBey jokes came pouring in after that.

Do we expect our pop goddess to have actually set foot into a British supermarket? Of course not! But I love the idea of Beyoncé on a U.K. tour in Manchester, getting a late night hankering for a spoonful of Marmite, encountering a Sainsbury employee and thinking: yes. The joke's on us, though, because every single item of the Adidas x Ivy Park line is sold clean out. Including this maroon backless cap, an unhappy medium between a visor and an actual hat, which could only look good on Beyoncé.