Applebee's Working On A New App For Those Who Need Applebee's Right Freaking Now

Like most cool millennial humans, you've probably encountered this scenario: You and your groovy buds walk into your favorite restaurant, Applebee's, only to have to suffer the inconvenience of looking at the menu, interacting with the server, and waiting interminably long—like, 12 minutes—for your food to arrive. It's 2018; there's Snaps to be Chatted, Instas to be Grammed!

Blessed day: Applebee's has listened to the demands of our generation, and are responding to the millions who say: "I want my Applebee's and I want it right freaking now. Do not stand in the way of me and my Riblet Platter. Don't like it? Go back to the U.S.S.R."

The New York Post is reporting the restaurant is working on an app that would allow customers to order their food ahead of time via smartphones. This would allow them to arrive at the restaurant and be immediately be seated with their dishes already served and bill delivered. Dine Brand Global, which also owns IHOP IHOB, claims to be the first full-service restaurant to offer this technology. Because Applebee's listened to the cries of young people everywhere, the ones clamoring with raised fists that they shall not, will not, must not, wait one additional minute to receive their Fiesta Lime Chicken.