A Rare Orange Lobster Turns Up At A Cape Cod Seafood Joint

Remember Blue Betty? She was the rare (one in a million!) "cotton-candy" blue lobster who showed up at a Maine crab shack last year and taught us all that lobsters come in colors other than red. (And, okay, the truth is that most lobsters are actually brown and only turn red after they're cooked. A genuine red lobster is one in ten million.)

Now, thanks to Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar in Eastham, Massachusetts, we have learned that lobsters can also be orange.

Orange lobsters are even rarer than blue lobsters: scientists at the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine estimate that they're a one-in-30-million occurrence.

Arnold's received the orange lobster in its regular delivery from its lobster wholesaler, MassLive reports. This is the second time in two years the restaurant has found a rare lobster; last year, it got a blue lobster, which it donated to the St. Louis Aquarium in honor of the St. Louis Blues' NHL championship, where it is now lives happily as Lord Stanley.

The orange lobster, as yet unnamed, will also be donated to an aquarium to live out the rest of its days. He looks like a cute little guy. We wish him a long, happy, and orange life.