7-Eleven Really Wants To Bring You Pizza And Booze

7-Eleven really, really wants you to use its home delivery app. The convenience store chain launched 7Now about a year ago, but the whole "global pandemic" thing has forced the company to reorient toward delivery, just like so many other companies have. That means: deals! First of all, delivery will be free for all users through May 31, so long as you enter promo code FREE4U at checkout. Deals, baby!

The app also promises that orders of beer, wine, liquor, and pizzas (more on those in a second) will be delivered in 30 minutes or less. Booze options vary depending on your location. When I punched in my Los Angeles address and clicked the "Beer Necessities" tab, my menu included six-packs of Pacifico and Lagunitas, 24-oz. cans of PBR and Modelo, $6 bottles of Yosemite Road wines, and every Chex Mix variety under the sun. (Chex Mix qualifies as beer-adjacent, apparently.) Also, it estimated my order would come in 35-45 minutes, so the jury is very much out on that "under 30 minutes" thing. Through May 17, 7-Eleven will have $5 pizzas on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They can come hot or ready-to-bake, whichever you like. They're probably fine pizzas, but most importantly, they're $5.

Now, will your 7-Eleven order be a high-quality, locally brewed, home-baked wonderland supporting small businesses? Certainly not. But if you're about to open yet another can of chickpeas for dinner and become overwhelmed by the sheer monotony of our current lives and think, "Fuck it, I need shitty beer and a probably-fine pizza!" then the 7Now app is for you. 7Now isn't available everywhere—it's only in 400 cities nationwide, so far. Peep the app online to see if it's launched near you. If you do order a $3.79 Modelo Negra tallboy to your front door, don't forget to tip your delivery person big time.