10 Of The Most Beautiful Fast Food Restaurants In The Whole World

Fine dining establishments have nothing on these fast food havens.

Fast food is known for its convenience and low prices, not ambiance and architecture. Yet, every now and then, fast food companies decide to switch things up by creating beautiful and out-of-character locations. The name on the building may be the same, but the atmosphere isn't what you would expect. With their impressive columns and incredible views, here are the most beautiful fast food restaurants that will have you questioning what ordering from a value menu could look like.

Taco Bell in Pacifica, California

Named one of the Tex-Mex chain's coolest locations, this Taco Bell in Pacifica, California is less notable for what's on the inside and more for the outside: Not only does this Taco Bell serve up sandy beaches, but it also serves alcohol because it's one of the few Taco Bell cantinas in the country. Plus, once you're done riding the waves, you can feel free to use the walk-up order window and enjoy your Crunchwrap with a side of ocean views.


McDonald’s in Porto, Portugal

The McDonald's in Porto, Portugal recently joined the ranks of Architectural Digest's 13 Most Most Beautiful McDonald's in the World. This McDonald's is located in the old Cafe Imperial building. Walking through, you'll see ornamental chandeliers and stained glass windows with the familiar scents of fries and McNuggets in the air.


Burger King in Buenos Aires, Argentina

For the non-Spanish speaking, one thing you don't need translated from this TikTok are the Bridgerton vibes coming from this Burger King in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wander Argentina, a travel site for the country, explains that the building was built in 1880 and was the former residence the Elortondo Alvear family, a high society family of that time.


KFC Crystal Bucket in Painted Post, New York

The KFC in Painted Post, New York is better known as the Crystal Bucket, because that's what it looks like as you pass it on the road. This name is also a nod to the neighboring town of Corning, New York, which is known as the Crystal City. The floor-to-ceiling windows are what give this KFC its large chicken bucket charm, but the modernly designed building was once a bank, reported Business Insider.


Starbucks in Paris, France

In the city of love sits one of the most romantic Starbucks locations in the world. The elegant chandeliers and ceiling art of this 19th century building on the Boulevard des Capucines takes sitting in a coffee shop to a new level. No question this spot would give you Emily in Paris Instagram vibes. Aside from the fancy interior, the place also serves coffee and pastries that you would expect from any respectable coffee spot.


Pizza Hut in Giza, Egypt

The Pizza Hut in Egypt (with a KFC beneath) is another location less notable for its interior and more so for what you get to see while enjoying your food. After placing an order for a pepperoni pie, you can sit and take in a gorgeous view of the pyramids. The Pizza Hut is air conditioned and gives a perfect view of the Sphinx, reported the Matador Network.


Tim Hortons in Dubai Hills Mall

Turns out the company's Canadian customers feel like they're missing out when they see the Tim Hortons locations in Dubai. The fast food coffee chain has multiple locations in Dubai, and each one features a comfy, clean, and modern design. The location in Dubai Hills Mall has a beautiful indoor tree, gold-trimmed tables, and leather-backed chairs, reports Daily Hive.


Taco Bell in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Also on the list of Taco Bell's beautiful and lesser-known locations is the Taco Bell in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The 6,415 square foot restaurant is the largest Taco Bell location in the world and used to be a bank. Who needs an old vault full of cash when you could have one stacked with burritos and Doritos Locos tacos.


McDonald’s in Batumi, Georgia

This glass-domed McDonald's was built in 2013, and though it's not a historic building it still drew the eye of Architectural Digest, along with anyone else who passes by it. Artistic and modern, it's surprising that it houses a McDonald's where you can get your Big Mac and enjoy looking through the building's cool geometric patterns.


Burger King spa in Helsinki, Finland

This Burger King spa in Helsinki, Finland has your usual Whopper kingdom, but also a 15-person sauna, showers, locker room, and a media room, taking meat sweats to a new level.